LR Loop Connections

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Autor programu Gerry, WB5TXA San Antonio, Texas

If you have a LR station this is something that can drive you mad to say the least. This page is yet another attempt to show these important connections in a way that can be related to the actual construction. Its very hard to show a 3D device on a 2D surface with wires and loops and have it make sense. Even optical allusions of how you view a drawing can happen. This was the case with Daniels Preamp loop drawing. Viewed from the bottom of the loop will give a reversed connection than as viewed from the top. Other drawings might have the same problem. Daniel is aware of that and is giving some words on how to view, and more labels. Its worth checking if you used that drawing, to make sure its viewed from the top, and you wired it that way. Seeing the optical allusion can tire your eyes, but its there!

(Thanks Daniel for verifying all this!)

The Standard Loop connection: (Daniels original and on going.)

Plot results with Daniel and Frank in Europe after rewiring antenna.

This was done using the Delta 15 connected direct to the sound card.

That's why the max peak is -52.7. The actual gain point is -118.

Which shows the antenna alone is actually driving the AGC 2 db.