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Autor Gerry, WB5TXA San Antonio, Texas

New easy method to prove your antenna is wired and phased correctly.



This project is to give the LR site constructor a sure fire way to easily test the newly built antenna system and preamp.

The LR antenna system is a devious monster!  It can have wiring errors, and position errors that can be hard to figure out by the person new at this.  Even knowing you have a problem is a problem!  With the accessory shown on the right and a free piece of software we can give a real world physical test to the antenna that will prove it out good or bad.  You can have confidence in it if you physically inject storms into the antenna while standing at a certain Bering with the injector.  The LR Scope should follow you around the circle or you have a problem!  Even with problems you can be fooled on the results screen because its a random pattern thing.

The only investment you need is the Storm Injector loop shown on the right.  This is easily constructed.

NOTE: Connect either Left, or Right Speaker out put but not both!

The instructions for the test will be using a free signal generator program that has a link to it.  This is an excellent program for this and some future planed test.

You can also view signal levels with the Spectrogram 16 program listed in the LR Tool page.  You can see the injected signal very good with that program.  Just handy , not required.

Note: If installing this program gives errors, just install the run time library mentioned on the same page as the generator.  Click on the Picture to get the generator.

HP - Histogram Program - Update
HP - Histogram Program - Complet version





Many thanks to Rick Bassett in Utah for his aid in testing the concept on his own system.